Of confidence, is there a shred Upon the spool where long ago the consequence Of being pulled and being pushed Were words conveyed - now ever shushed But never put to bed When eloquently never said, Or quite declared, the implications relevant Forever spared in grim belief That this would ever grant relief Instead of [...]



Seeing not a ticket price And lacking more and more a civil cause When no reasons thus suffice To further give myself another pause Knowing not of heads or tails A coin of reason resting on its side Sadly, that's when faults prevail And boundaries I struggle to abide Listening for a decree Or else [...]


With fingers resting numb Upon the passages of time removed And eyes that even now succumb To all the things I never proved I wait Upon the palisades Where all valleys seem an empty veldt And words became a palace made Of definitions never felt A fate That rested on a pin As if an [...]


In the tide of thought replete I find I ought delete The parts I see are not complete So in conceit Do I compete For any end but my defeat There but do I see before The facts that I ignore A set of tracks I won't explore As if a door Beyond a moor [...]


I watched horizons disappear Behind a chalice filled to over full With all the things I'm missing here And eyes securely under wool Intoxicated by the pull Of last when you were near I martyred much to discontent Beneath a shield of caution gone too far Where every path of missed lament And shallow pain [...]


Stitched within the moments in between Like flowers in the chasm of farewell Though blooming, most, I fear, are never seen But if we never see, how do we tell If they offer petals of cerise Or leaves upon a stalk of peridot Or hide within their every fold and crease The fragrances of rose [...]


I set the words to mute And turn the notes to never were But merely locking doors And hiding truths Is not an honest cure I cover all the clocks And hide your pictures under paint But then there's always more And all the locks Are nothing but a feint I turn the music off [...]