With such a slight, and trembling breath
A subtle, soft, and brief caress
Do words escape in hesitation
Laced with words not oft confessed

As fingers slip through strands of hair
To touch the cheek of one so fair
With eyes affixed in hopeful glances
Locked in such a longing stare

With a movement slight and slow
Do lips connect, and wants bestow
The racing pulse and trembling nerves
For fear of what could lie below

But there, the question meets reply
The hearts converge – a shuddered sigh
For there they see where paths connect
A place where love is not a lie


About A. P. Christopher

I'm a cynic, a nihilist, and a pessimist. I'm a hermit filling the interior walls of my empty cavern with the words and pictures of a mind adrift in disparity. I also like lifting weights.
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4 Responses to Confess

  1. boompawolf says:

    Your poetry has such a lovely, classic tone to it. You are really good.

    Liked by 1 person

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