Let me leap and drift
A tiny drop off Avalon
A smile that still hasn’t gone
I know I will not have it long
Taken, kept, and clipped

Meet me in the midst
The gray reminder of the day
The phantom shroud where hopes decay
Where only ghosts could joke to play
In some hollow tryst

Let me be eclipsed
A growing hope like Camelot
A dimming home where candles stop
But burn the soul with handles hot
A flicker fading swift

Let my fingers sift
For buoyant bliss in ashes cold
Another kiss, and hand to hold
Can love resist the thrashing soul?
I ask, but don’t insist


About A. P. Christopher

I'm a cynic, a nihilist, and a pessimist. I'm a hermit filling the interior walls of my empty cavern with the words and pictures of a mind adrift in disparity. I also like lifting weights.
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2 Responses to Insist

  1. Love the cadence and the word play!!

    Liked by 1 person

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