I wanted you, but knew not why
A list of pros and cons made I
Surely I could find
A reason and a rhyme
The necessary bullet points
To help me underline
Or just give me a sign
To piece together, with a sigh
A stay, a wait, or a goodbye

The list, of course, it grew and grew
A plus, a minus, don’t and do
Of pretty eyes and hair
Of visage ever fair
A plethora of boons to keep
The way you deeply care
Your words and wild flare
The feeling in me you imbue
The way you see me truly true

But also minuses increased
The ink of red and want deceased
Of words that shifted course
An exit – no remorse
The absolute dichotomy
The actions that were source
Withdrew as if by force
And when I tried, you then released
Your words denied, and interest ceased

So now I sit here with my list
Are you the needle or the cyst?
The very thing I need
Or just what makes me bleed?
A necessary bullet point…
The values I can read
But have my eyes agreed?
The numbers true and they insist
You’re less a hug a more a fist

So truly I should walk away
The sun you were has long decayed
I’m clinging to the dead
And singing in its stead
A lunatic of longing lost
And still you’re in my head
And filling me with dread
I’m scratching out the list of nays
And hoping I can I add a different way

16 thoughts on “Addition

      1. Ironically, I do not make pros/cons lists…I just had a moment today where I was thinking, “what did I ever see in her?” and that’s when I thought of the first two lines…and then I was like, “yeah, I could probably run with this…”

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      2. Well, you did great. I really appreciate when writers can write such excellent things without having actually done it. Being able to put yourself in another’s shoes, so to speak, and write it out believably… well, that is pretty incredible in my book.

        Liked by 1 person

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