Let me sweep the ashes of your heart
Where noble fires used to burn
Secure in hearths of promise
Where winds of weary winter
Into cinders, they have turned

Let me brush the fragments from your hand
Where steady fingers used to hold
Secure in their conviction
Where callouses of failure
Leave them aching in the cold

Let me leave you better than I was
Where every cut is sealed in gauze
Removed of my infection
Where medicine has taken
The destruction that I cause

15 thoughts on “Triage

    1. Out of curiosity, what would you say about a back-and-forth short-story type of collaboration kinda thing?
      You know, take a post, link to it, continue the story.
      Just a thought I’d had recently. It could be fun, or just wind up being terribly absurd.


      1. All good…I’m not worried about fast turnaround…or linear storytelling…or genre consistency…or things making sense…just thought it’d be interesting to see what happens to a story when it bounces back and forth between two writers… 🤔


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