The roads are long
The valleys steep
The wounded song
Is often deep
The pain is strong
Yet soft to keep
And so prolongs
Our loss of sleep

The greatest gifts
We fail to keep
The deepest rifts
We fail to leap
Like dreams adrift
We fail to reap
With hands that shift
And eyes that weep

The days are thin
The weather sleet
The towers grim
A shield of Crete
On waters rim
Our ragged feet
So move assured
To sonnets sweet

For challenge calls
As does defeat
And towers tall
Do darken streets
They also fall
By fate or feat
Where light may stall
But not deplete


About A. P. Christopher

I'm a cynic, a nihilist, and a pessimist. I'm a hermit filling the interior walls of my empty cavern with the words and pictures of a mind adrift in disparity. I also like lifting weights.
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13 Responses to Deplete

  1. This is an absolute delight to read.Well done, Christopher.

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  2. I love all the rhymes! 👏👏👏

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  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Lovely imagery.

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  4. Really love this one! As I was reading the words just rolled out like a song. 😀

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  5. Loved the way poem is written!

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  6. Nathi says:

    That was impressive! Well written indeed!

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