12 Things That Make Me Different


I was prompted to do this by Aieshi Jain – Tokens of Expression who first did a similar post right right here -> 12 Things that make me different so check that out.

  1. Mention if you were nominated by someone or decided to take up the challenge on your own.
  2. Write you own list of twelve things that make you different and proud (and odd maybe?)
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NOTE: Nominations are completely optional. If you want to nominate anyone specifically, feel free to tag them and inform them. The purpose is to spread the message. I really, really do encourage nominations, that’s surely a better way to promote and let people know. If you choose to nominate, please tag at least three. But keep in mind the discomfort many bloggers have about the same, there’s no pressure πŸ™‚

So…here we go…12 things about me. I don’t know how different these make me, or how unique I am, but it’s 12 things that I came up with. Bear with me…

  1. I can – and sometimes do – eat the same things every day for weeks at a time. Same breakfast, same lunch, same dinner, and sometimes they are all the same thing…so I end up eating the same one type of meal 3+ times a day for weeks at a time. I do very well with routine.
  2. I always tip well, even if the service sucks. I always take the default position that maybe someone – or several someones – are having a bad day rather than defaulting to the position that one or more people just suck at life.
  3. I became an atheist at age 10. I remember the moment it happened. I was in school, at recess, and none of my friends were there that day. I walked around, thinking to myself. By the time recess was over, I had come to the conclusion that there was no logical way to defend the existence of god without tangentially defending the existence of all other gods nor was there any way to say that one god did not exist without that being logically applicable to all other gods.
  4. I love cards and dice. I have sets of tarot cards and playing cards and I use them for nothing. I have a big felt bag filled with many types of dice – I never use them. I just like them. They are the essence of mathematics in physical form.
  5. I listen to Zero Punctuation videos at night to lull myself to sleep. I don’t remember when that started being “a thing I did” but it’s something I’ve been doing for a while now.
  6. I’m not afraid of dying, but I’m terrified of personal injury. As such, it will seem, at times, that I’m afraid of dying. Truth is, I’m not afraid that I’ll die, I’m afraid that I won’t and that I will, instead, be permanently wounded/disfigured/disabled.
  7. I keep my house largely austere. I have no pictures up. I have no art or elements of decoration. I don’t understand having such things. I look at them and think, “Why is it here? What does it do?” and people are like, “It just looks nice,” and I find myself thinking, “Well that’s stupid.”
  8. I love Greek and Norse mythology. In truth, almost all types of mythology are interesting, but Greek and Norse are the ones that I took to first, so they always have an elevated status in my mind.
  9. I used to be involved in music. I was a vocalist/lyricist. I’ve done death metal, rap, industrial, classic rock, ambient, and soundscape. I enjoyed doing it, but lost my interest in it some years back.
  10. My favorite band of all time is Katatonia. If you’ve never heard their music, then you should go do that. Check out the song Decima from The Fall of Hearts.
  11. I’m currently pursuing a degree in computer science – game development. It’s a slow going process. In addition, everything that I thought was flawed about how college worked has been proven true in my eyes at least twice over.
  12. I like to listen to movie and video game scores when I’m writing or coding. I find it far easier to focus when music doesn’t have words. That being said, if you’re into such things, check out pretty much anything by Clint Mansell, and, as well, pretty much any music that was done for the Dark Souls series of games.

I feel certain that I’ll think of stuff that was far more interesting than that shortly after posting this, but that’s how these things go.

Anyway, for those interested in following suit…get to typing.

For everyone else, have a wonderful day/afternoon/night.


About A. P. Christopher

I'm a cynic, a nihilist, and a pessimist. I'm a hermit filling the interior walls of my empty cavern with the words and pictures of a mind adrift in disparity. I also like lifting weights.
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10 Responses to 12 Things That Make Me Different

  1. Aieshi Jain says:

    Wow these are great! Pretty fascinating facts. Especially about routines and not being afraid to die. Most people are just very loud about their frustration with poor service while you choose to tip well and move on. Thanks for writing this πŸ™‚
    Also, could you please change the link you used in the 3rd rule? The link to the challenge post is to be put there so that it creates the pingback to the right post.

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  2. Aieshi Jain says:

    And great picture! I never thought of making a banner. Thanks for all the efforts πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. #1 and #4 – yes! Dice make me happy, like a tangible piece of mathematics in my palm. Yes! But I DO use my cards and dice. And no one gets the meal eating thing for me either. It’s like… I’m simple. I don’t need variety in my food. So, this makes me gleefully happy to see I’m not the only one! Heeheehee. Thanks for sharing, that was fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love Greek and Norse mythology too.

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