Tell me how to breathe again
To let go of the dreams of then
To walk without a fold
Around my weary eyes
And brave the mounting cold
That used to be a faithful friend
But now looks like a fateful end

Tell me how to wake myself
To take what’s left of fading wealth
And keep these pennies left
From out this wishing well
And places so bereft
And hold on to what little health
I have, vouchsafed upon a shelf

Tell me how to leave this place
That still reminds me of your face
And see my visage cast
Upon this hazy mirror
And known that it can last
And see that beauty, light, and grace
Can live where love has been displaced

Tell me how to carry on
To sing you not another song
And see that my embrace
Will never be returned
But rather just erased
And let slip tears I’ve held to long
And let myself believe…
…you’re really gone

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