The water clear a perfect blue
All the skies above unblemished
With not a thought to skew
Or effort to diminish
Any fear it’d fall into disruption

The silver lining dimming slow
Tarnish turning it to nickel
And there not far below
By efforts frail and fickle
Changes came by slim and slow consumption

Soon the blue was tinged with gray
And waves began to rise and fall
So into disarray
Were waters rising tall
Calm was now replaced by cold corruption

A hurricane of rain and snow
Destroying everything we knew
And sadly do we know
From where the chaos grew
Such a tiny seed made of assumption

2 thoughts on “Assumption

  1. A tiny seed of assumption sure can cause quite the storm! very nice poem! and please, don’t be offended or think I’m that weird internet stalker liking all your posts LOL! I appreciate good writing when I read it, and I can read a thing or 2 about people from their words.

    Liked by 1 person

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