Held by the side
Of the heart growing wide
Near the solace and silence of souls

The circuitry lied
As if something defied
What was certainly seen as a hole

No given key,
Could find any degree,
Nor position or pressure to turn

For rust and debris
Left the tumblers unfree
So no purchase a person could earn

Even with picks
And with dynamite sticks
And the fury and force of a gun

Not ever a tick
Nor a half-given click
Could be found for the friction had won

Soon we believe
That we cannot conceive
In a kindness or key to undo

Til all we perceive
Starts to slowly deceive
Like a cancer that’s clouding our view

Fearing we can’t
Find a future to grant
Even one light to lead or allure

When reasons recant
Optimism is scant
And the locks we allow to endure

Holding to such
Is the loneliest crutch
And a lie that would lead us to burn

For one has a touch
And a key in their clutch
And all locks in this life can be turned

16 thoughts on “Locks

      1. Nah… he’ll live. LOL! Just enjoy the ride. You don’t have to follow me you know, but you are welcome. Will muck about your site a bit more later.

        Smile… if you followed me… you’re a lovely now. Get used to being called that. Don’t throw up! LOL. It’s my way.


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      2. I followed because I liked what I read…
        I always check out people who follow, but I don’t autofollow…

        And worry not, there’ll be no throwing up…I see nothing in that term to inspire nausea… 🙂

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      3. Welcome! I was only teasing. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit. I have three other blogs. LOL! you can check my about pages if you want to know a little more.

        Hugs to you lovely! 😉

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