For when the bells of iron chime
Then on to the cathedral
Do they move along the streets to fall in line

Stop they, all the tearful toil
Standing cold and idle
Not a shift or sidle – rigid as gargoyles

With given words of ashen lecture
Symbols of compassion
Worn as fashion under dour architecture

Tying tongues in little knots
And fingers slick with tears
With the promises of years, they haven’t got

9 thoughts on “Lepers

  1. Hello. I like this very much. Clever “rhyme-folding”? I hope you don’t mind me posting my own response to the prompt. I post it only because we both seem to be commenting on the hypocrisy and fast-approaching death of the Church.



    Confined to my quarters,
    pinned to a shirt,
    sprayed on a wall,
    nailed to a cross in the attic.

    Detritus in a breakers yard
    scattered on the floor
    stoic remains, defiant shard
    of a defeated jaw.

    I am static.


    Hung, drawn and quartered,
    dragged through the dirt,
    thrown to the wall,
    filled with a loss still unspoken.

    Naked to the open eye,
    Shamed before the law,
    Ground into dust like any lie
    Disposed pariah’s ore.

    I am broken.


    Not fed or watered,
    Barely alert,
    hung in freefall,
    seeing the moss on the hourglass.

    For fear is as doomed to fail
    as grandeur to decline
    the seven devils of detail
    are coming for their swine.

    I am powerless.

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    1. Thanks. Glad you liked it, and yeah, I tend to stack, rotate, fold, and otherwise twist rhymes when I can.
      As for the subject matter, it’s layered. One part is about religion, which I have no love for. The second is about the weak, broken, outcast, and downtrodden… because such people want to find something to help give them direction and meaning even at the cost of what they already lack.


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