I still have every word you’ve said
It’s all that I have left of you
But don’t remember why
I can’t recall the day when they were new
But still I’m filled with dread
For if I let them go, the memories would die

I still have everything I wrote
A little stack of fading ink
That should have never dried
I don’t know what exactly made me think
That merely with a note
I could explain this heart of mine I often hide

I still have every message sent
Like ghosts of who we might’ve been
But never could become
Merely the relics left to think of when
I said what I had meant
Within a moment where I didn’t feel as numb

I still have nothing left of you
Just moments that I can’t reclaim
And words I should’ve said
But I know words could never stop the rain
Or change what isn’t true
Into the wish of you and I within my head


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