How shall I describe you?
Using virtues I ascribe you?
With a magnifying glass
To see the soul that lives inside you?
With a pen or else a painting
Knowing well it would deprive you
Of the essence that I clearly see from my view?

So then, how shall I assess
The fact that words would seem a guess
And even as I use them more
I fear that they describe you less
As if your heart, a letter penned
And love the seal of wax impressed
And all that I can do is hold it close unto my chest.

How can I but I tell you
Of all that which I’d avail you
When the words seem very thin
And when I’m terrified to fail you
Even as I’d sing a sonnet
Of the storms that I would sail through
Do I worry that my voice could not regale you

So then, how do I convey
How far I’d go to just allay
The tremors in your fragile heart
When I don’t know the words to say?
But if I knew the final cost
I’d sell my tiny soul to pay
And if but for a stormy night, I’d barter all my sunny days


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