I gave to you a name – it was “the one”
In every dream I had, you were enveloped by the sun
Your pulse was like a drum
The finish line to which I run
And still my mind is like a top, forever spun

I thought I knew the way to set you free
But I was Orpheus, and you, my dear, Eurydice
And though I tried to plea
And hold you momentarily
I chose to focus on the locks and not the key

I gave to you a heart – it wasn’t well
I’d wrapped it up gossamer, and hid it in a well
It grew so very pale
And soon was fragile as a shell
And yet I offered it to you – to no avail

I thought you were the way out of the maze
But just as Melpomene, music turned into malaise
And though my spirit frays
Beneath the darkest of our days
Within the labyrinth of your light, my spirit stays


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