Tell me what altered the view that you beautifully had
In this world, that I seem to recall, I was loath to regale?
What was given or taken or broken that made you so sad?
Tell me, how did your wonderful heart become suddenly pale?

Dark are the words of the cynic I wear on my skin
And yet I entreat you to see what has never been lost
As I fear that you think that an ending must surely begin
I beg you to see not a chasm, but bridges across

Here, as I cling to the shadows and stay out of view
I mourn at the thought of your heart in depths of despair
Ever burdened by loss or the demons you fight to subdue
So I hold to the notion that nothing is beyond repair

Tell me the words and I’ll say them forever again
That the grace of your smile is more than the stars in the night
I’d discard every moniker held and relinquish my pen
If it meant you could see me as anything more than a blight

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