Everybody loves it when you smile
No one ever wants to see you cry
So dry your eyes in secret
Dig a hole of sweet denial
And pretend your world of woe is apple pie

Everybody loves it when you’re pretty
No one wants your ugliness around
So hide your every blemish
Show the world you’re always witty
And conceal your cuts and bruises with a gown

Everybody loves it when you’re laughing
No one ever wants to hear you scream
So paint a perfect smile
One that’s made for photographing
When you tell the world that life is but a dream

Everybody loves it when you’re funny
No one ever wants you to complain
So let them see you chuckle
With a disposition sunny
And inject your breaking world with novacaine

Everybody loves it when you’re lying
No one wants the pain that truth asserts
So keep it all a secret
Like the tears that you’ve been crying
Because no one wants to know how much it hurts

12 thoughts on “Hurt

  1. Hidden pain and painted facades…… such palpable sadness in this poem. I think it does feel like this sometimes, but that allowing yourself to be seen, pain and all, let’s people in who do want to see the realness of you – both tears and laughter. Such a touching poem.

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  2. AP… this is really good. I must say, I for one actually WANT to see all aspects of those close to me. It’s not always easy to see, but it’s still a reality of who we truly are. We are layers and layers. Seeing only one side of a person is fake and shallow. Showing each facet of yourself lends to closeness and kinship.

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