Paltry were the hands of mine
When offering the coins of weathered bounty
As if to stop the flowing time
And let the eyes of others finally count me

Once among the ones who came before
And once among the ones who should have been
Another time for those who see the world as closing doors
But never for the ones devoid of sin

Grateful were the offerings
I gave as if a tithe of burning solace
To smolder while the coffer brings
Another cold reminder you were flawless

More than any brush could ever paint
And more than any song could ever sing
And far above and far away from any known constraint
Of anything this world could ever bring

Hands of mine were trembling
When pressed together asking for salvation
For you were clouds assembling
And I alone in deserts of temptation

Asking for a single drop of rain
Begging for a sign to see me through
Swearing on my heart to never say your name again
And knowing it’s a lie I’ve given true


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