Does it claw at your heart like an echo of winter in June?
Does it tear at your soul like a violin playing goodbye?
Does it pull at your ocean of watery will like a moon?
Does it promise to hold you
In all that you go through
And cherish your laughter, and soften your tears when you cry?

Does it weigh on your shoulders in ways that you cannot define?
Does it cling to your chest like a breath that you’re fearful to take?
Does it leave its impression in all of your best-written lines?
Does it tell you tomorrow
Will lessen in sorrow
And be like a kiss that from slumber could pull you awake?

Does it hang at your neck like a locket from someone you lost?
Does it hold to your wrist like a lover afraid to let go?
Does it sing like a siren in waters you dared never cross?
Does it know you’re imperfect
But tell you, “You’re worth it…”
And see all the roses you fear that you’ve hidden in snow?

Does it haunt you like memories made of the moments you miss?
Does it pluck at the strings in your heart in a delicate way?
Does it hang in the air like your answer to, “What do you wish?”
Does it whisper forever
In each written letter
Til love is too pale of a word to convey what they say?


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