Can I drown my sorrow deep enough to kill it?
I’m pouring poison in a wound attempting just to seal it
It’s like I’ve naught but callouses and all the world is pain
And I don’t understand why still I seem to feel it

Can I carve the rhythm from a heart that’s beating?
Injecting novocaine to numb the wants I know I’m needing
It’s like I’m losing sight and all the world is full of sun
And I don’t understand the cost of where it’s leading

Can I burn desire down until it’s nothing?
Reducing what I feel until it’s merely clever bluffing
It’s like the world is dying and I never even lived
And I don’t understand where all of us are rushing

Can I ease the trepidation for a while?
I’m using knives and razor blades to give the world a smile
It’s like we never happened and I don’t know why it hurts
And I’m afraid that we may never reconcile

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