I wished upon a star
And thus received a magic glove
Was told, “With this you’ll rule the world
But never know of love.”

I found a genie’s lamp
And, with a wish, received a blade
“There’s nothing it won’t cut, but every
Cut hastens your grave.”

I prayed to every god
And was bestowed a golden crown
Was told, “All men will follow, but
You’re doomed to let them down.”

I called unto your heart
And was bestowed a time with you
Now I see, a wish, though granted,
Doesn’t make it true

I finally ceased to ask
For anything by any wish
For they are costly, cruel, and tainted
Like your every given kiss



I hear your gears are spinning
They are not the same as mine
And they’re reeling
Just a feeling
Logic peeling
As they reach whatever ceiling
They’re allotted – so beginning
To presume to see a sign

You cannot hear my vision
It is not the same as yours
For it’s hidden
Most forbidden
Darkness slid in
To a place no longer ridden
Half-chaotic in precision
Like a wound the world ignores

I see your eyes are shifting
They don’t understand me now
So they flicker
Ever quicker
To my picture
Wondering if I’ve grown sicker
But you need to do some sifting
And it seems you don’t know how

You cannot see me moving
Light I no longer reflect
I am fading
Into shading
Done with waiting
And I’ve made my final trading
All in absence of reproving
In a world you can’t detect


No one that I know is really there
Messages received given replies of empty air
And so I sit with this, a vacant stare
Reaching out to strangers just to feel like someone cares

Tell me, now, is anybody there
Listening to tears that, with a voice, I fear to share
Wondering the same, feeling ensnared
By the cold removal of a world that’s unaware?

How I wish that somebody was there
Offering compassion not some silent, distant prayer
Telling me, “There’s more than just despair.”
And proving it by saying, “More to point, I’ll show you where.”

Anymore, it’s getting hard to bear
Nothing but a sea of eyes that only seem to glare
Kindness, they have none that they can spare
I don’t why I’m saying this…I know no one is there


I tried to show my flaws in many ways
To show, to you, my bloody claws and say
“To you, I’m a lost cause, so stay away;
Your worth, I’ll only pause or else decay –
A bundle made of straw to your bouquet”

And yet you did persist and see me whole
Somewhere neath the cysts and rotting soul
The cancer on my lips and heart of coal
Until you saw my kiss, the devil stole
And like would be our tryst, if not controlled

You tried to offer pieces to dissuade
From me the hope of peace I thought I’d made
But as you gave your least, I never strayed
And simply saw a feast, where you displayed
Emotions that had ceased in hints conveyed

I tried to show my worth so you would know
I’m more than just the curse that lurks below
And that your leaving hurt more than you know
And silence, it was worse than any blow
I wish we could converse, for just a moment and reverse
To back before you only saw why you should go


I tried to keep your beauty close to me
When far away it ever chose to be
So even when I finally rose to see
You slipping through my fingers, like a broken rosary

I said in your name in whispers of despair
Offered to a god that isn’t there
And in my heart, I know you never cared
And still I speak my heart to you, as if it were a prayer

I tried to keep you from what made me sick
The way my broken spirit chose to tick
So even as I rode the river Styx
I held you as a symbol of repair – a crucifix

I drink a chalice filled with dreams of you
Tasting only blood I sorely drew
Til the pain and hunger fade from view
And dying at the altar of a heart that wasn’t true


Remember us as paragons
When all the days we share have gone
Awry, and leave us staring long
With visages, now wary, drawn,
And tired from the cares upon
Our shoulders that we carried long

Recall that we were something real
When dead we are, from wounds surreal
And injuries we thought would heal
But waited, did we, just until
The perfect moment to appeal
But saw, too late, the fate we sealed

Imagine us as incomplete
Where wants are brimming, needs are fleet
And what we lack is most replete
Where hopes and sorrows oft compete
Beneath a sun that offers sleet
And life and dreams can never meet

Imagine us as something pure
As I do now, and thus assure
Each injury of mine, you cure
With gentle words, and hands secure
And visage borne of such allure
How could I ever wish I wasn’t yours?


Last night I saw the moon and thought of you again
The night you told me that I should behold the star-filled sky
And for a moment, hoped to see a bloom ascend
From ashes of the one whose seeded hope was killed – and I

Wondered where you were that very moment
If you were seeing stars that now I couldn’t see
Where definitions shifted for what home meant
And where the moon was waning when it shouldn’t be

Today I saw the phantom of the moon and said
A littany of words and begged it, “Send them all to her
Who now, as yesterday, surely my tune is dead
But sing them all the same, for I am held by her allure.”

Time is passing now, with music fading
And fear, do I, that silent shall it go, and soon
And never reach where you were never waiting
For you, it seems, are underneath a different moon


We do not choose the ones we love
How much, how long, or why
We do not choose how many tears
They seem to make us cry

And though we choose the words we say
And what we let them know
We do not choose how difficult
It is to let them go

We do not choose how much we love
The ones we do, or when
We do not always get to choose
The way it starts or ends

And though we rarely ever choose
The whats and whos and whys
We get to choose exactly how
We leave and say goodbye


I asked, “Now, do you see them –
So detached, the fallen leaves when,
Lacking catching hands, are free, then,
To, at last, be as the eve and
Enter this – their mausoleum?”

I said, “We oft reflect them
Spiraling in soft dejection
Silent, falling introspection
Adding selves to the collection
To decay like an infection.”

You said, “I cannot see it
Or, at least, do not believe it
Disconnected, I’ll concede, if
Still perfect, and even scenic
As is life, to lines, between it.”

You asked, “Do you see merely
Broken worlds, all gray and dreary
Gone so deaf, you cannot hear me
When I tell you now, and clearly
Fallen leaves, we aren’t nearly.”

I said, “How can you say so
When it’s you, who broke my halo
Gifted wounds, so very fatal
Bleeding in my earthen cradle
Begging, ‘help me,’ and you say no.”

You said, “And me, you lied to
When, to you, I came to cry to
And so thought I could rely, you
Gave me cause to thus deny you
After all the truths I pried through.”

I said, “I feared rejection
Equally, I craved connection,
I knew little of affection
So I amplified protection
Hoping I’d be your selection.”

You said, “And so you lost me
And my trust, and so you cost me
Just as much by acting falsely –
You are not a leaf that softly
Fell away, you were a bridge that tried to cross me.”

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