Life, it kissed you callously
With fingertips
That held you like a fallacy
To lips
That always spoke of who and how to be

Stuttering a pale remorse
And grinning soft
A smile like a veil of force
So oft
Conveyed as wounded by your fair discourse

Oh, it held you lovingly
Or so it said
And so you stayed begrudgingly
And wed
Your tears to wounds it crafted cunningly

Life, it promised everything
Except to keep
Its promises for anything
Or weep
Because it killed the love you thought to bring

Telling you it needs you so
And holding tight
With no intent of letting go
You’d fight
“But this is life,” you whisper to yourself
Since its the only life it let you know


Looking now, it seems as though I’m truly all alone
Within a home I never wanted
More a drone than anyone is
An expression always blank, as if I carved it out of stone

Walking in a world that always says, “You could have flown…”
And with a groan, I simply shamble
Falling prone, within the brambles
Hearing words that seem to guarantee I’ve no way to atone

For anything I’ve done, or for the seeds already sown
And to the bone, I’m feeling empty
Ever thrown, and never gently
As it seems my very world is but the interest on a loan

Looking now it seems there’s no escaping what was shown
Or what is known to be the ending
In the gloam that I’m descending
On a spiral that would lead me to an oubliette or throne


So, let us have our words about the year that is no longer.
Of how we were…or how we are…or how we shall be stronger.
Of how we left, but thus returned
Or how we never should’ve
Of injuries we know we’ve earned
And sad farewells to “could’ve”

So, let us share those moments spent and claim them for the better
Those days before…amalgamates of merely shifting letters
As if to say the day is new
For reasons that we’re listing
From pages old, and held askew
For names are clearly missing

So, let us speak of newer trails that forward we are choosing
And for a moment just pretend we’re honest in our musing
To offer thus a stoic face
That bellows of ambition
As if it were a bow of lace
On gifts of old abscission

So, let us cheer for what has passed and all that isn’t changing
For all the noise is but decor for words we’re rearranging
And what are they but letters set
On pages we’re erasing
In hopes that we’ll, in time forget
We change not what we’re chasing


Little turtle,
Once again you’ve hidden in your shell
Retreat, your favorite option
I admit, you do it well

Little turtle,
Why, when facing such a simple choice
Of having nerve, and using words
You always lose your voice?

Little turtle,
There you are, obsessed with your defense
When none was ever needed then
And none is needed hence

Little turtle,
How long in your shell will you remain
When you could merely come without
And, with your words, explain

Little turtle,
Fear for you, I do, when this you choose
To hide yourself away in fear
When darkness so ensues

Little turtle,
Tell me if and when you’ll finally see
You’ve made yourself a prisoner
Of dangers not to be

Little turtle,
Do you think I harbor such a will
That knowingly would do you harm
Or spite you with a quill?

Little turtle,
Let me tell you, clearly, if I may
I merely wish you’d leave your shell
And say to me the words you need to say


With curtains pulled aside
To let the sun, as if a stranger, stride
Through rooms ensorcelled oft
By words of once upon a time
Wherein a crystal heart was held aloft

Did light going pouring in
To touch a countenance of paling skin
That wished to pull away
And rush behind the veil again
Where like an injured dog the heart could bay

Unto a moon unseen
As if a song forever meant to mean
It longs to see the view
Beyond the desolate ravine
Where not so long ago the heart withdrew

Where even now a star
Would seem a pyre in a field of tar
Too bright to be beheld
Though it’s as dim as it is far
From where a heart that stumbled finally fell



Waters rose like ebon tides at night to so devour
All that came before
All that I’d built
Rushing like a landslide down the slopes of missing hours
And I upon the shore
Was building stilts

Roaring so like demons tearing free of the abyss
Crying to be free
And thus reprove
Barreling like boulders not a blessing could dismiss
And though I stopped to see
I didn’t move

Downward like an avalanche, it promised not to cease
Taking what it crossed
As if a throne
Thundering as heaven torn asunder to release
The burden of the loss
That was my own

Rising far above whatever peaks could offer vantage
Swallowing the soul
That chose to wilt
Terrible, torrential, was the tide – a creature savage
What began a snow
Of simple guilt


Life my execution, and I pray a sentence stayed
Asking for review, and newly evidence be weighed
So unto a guilty verdict, jurors, ye be swayed
If I could say, in a but a word, of innocence, I’d say betrayed

Breath the punishment and ‘lo I ask it be denied
Given to my peers to handle as they so decide
Seeing easily the broken promises inside
I would abide a firm decision knowing well what I’ve implied

Waking is the woe and so I wish it put to rest
Pause it for an observation, truthfully it’s best
Seeing any consciousness of mine in cold arrest
At my behest, I’ll gladly wait and hope its value fails the test

I the curse released and now I hope to be dispelled
With the option given to the ones I’ve surely failed
Let them take the pound of flesh so virtue can prevail
For I can tell that you’d wind up sleeping better if you thought I was in hell


I wished upon a star
And thus received a magic glove
Was told, “With this you’ll rule the world
But never know of love.”

I found a genie’s lamp
And, with a wish, received a blade
“There’s nothing it won’t cut, but every
Cut hastens your grave.”

I prayed to every god
And was bestowed a golden crown
Was told, “All men will follow, but
You’re doomed to let them down.”

I called unto your heart
And was bestowed a time with you
Now I see, a wish, though granted,
Doesn’t make it true

I finally ceased to ask
For anything by any wish
For they are costly, cruel, and tainted
Like your every given kiss


Remember us as paragons
When all the days we share have gone
Awry, and leave us staring long
With visages, now wary, drawn,
And tired from the cares upon
Our shoulders that we carried long

Recall that we were something real
When dead we are, from wounds surreal
And injuries we thought would heal
But waited, did we, just until
The perfect moment to appeal
But saw, too late, the fate we sealed

Imagine us as incomplete
Where wants are brimming, needs are fleet
And what we lack is most replete
Where hopes and sorrows oft compete
Beneath a sun that offers sleet
And life and dreams don’t often meet

Imagine us as something pure
As I do now, and thus assure
Each injury of mine, you cure
With gentle words, and hands secure
And visage borne of such allure
How could I ever wish I wasn’t yours?


Last night I saw the moon and thought of you again
The night you told me that I should behold the star-filled sky
And for a moment, hoped to see a bloom ascend
From ashes of the one whose seeded hope was killed – and I

Wondered where you were that very moment
If you were seeing stars that now I couldn’t see
Where definitions shifted for what home meant
And where the moon was waning when it shouldn’t be

Today I saw the phantom of the moon and said
A litany of words and begged it, “Send them all to her
Who now, as yesterday, surely my tune is dead
But sing them all the same, for I am held by her allure.”

Time is passing now, with music fading
And fear, do I, that silent shall it go, and soon
And never reach where you were never waiting
For you, it seems, are underneath a very different moon