In vistas vast where rivers rolled And paper prayers were sweets they sold With kindest care, they give a gold Of wasted worth to crowds who cowered cold In simple shirts and blanket bare With hopeful hands and silent stares With tired tears and dire dares They bowed and begged to keep a coin of [...]



I still have every word you've saidIt's all that I have left of youBut don't remember whyI can't recall the day when they were newBut still I'm filled with dreadFor if I let them go, the memories would dieI still have everything I wroteA little stack of fading inkThat should have never driedI don't know [...]


When did life Become a rusted knife A world so negatively rife That tries to cut away what's best in us? When did I Become another lie The voice atop a visage shy And every failing seems like just enough? When did we Become a tearful plea For closeness to become a sea That silences [...]


They came to him, the king with crystal crown and crimson cape, With courtly curtsies of contrition and conditions of escape For lingered, he, beleaguered, long lamenting and alone With little litanies and lines of logic littering his home With weather always winter, lacking windows or the will To see a world of waning worry, [...]


I see you standing there A disposition saying, "I don't care" And yet I hear the words you wish you share Behind the silent trepidation Asking, "Would you really dare?" I guess that it depends I hate the feeling that I've hurt a friend But if that adjective is at its end Well, then I [...]


What flourished underneath of us Like wounds we never tended Nor intended Actions that we both defended Never mended Grew infected and distended Gangrenous, and leaking pus And still, the blade we pushed aside Rejecting amputation And cessation Opting sadly for stagnation And frustration Finding no alleviation But we never really tried We merely watched [...]