“Goodnight,” she said one night, and that was all
No argument, no screaming, not another text or call
As if a drought emerged from what was once a waterfall
A sudden stall
I hit a wall
I couldn’t climb, or under, crawl

“I miss you,” I lamented knowing well
Nobody would receive the words, but fuck it, what the hell?
And maybe I was hurt, and I believed you couldn’t tell
That when I fell
I chose to dwell
Within the shadow of your spell

“Peace to you,” she said to me one day
Replying hesitantly, meaning lacking all delay
I tried to think of anything and everything to say
But not relay
Any dismay
So as to not push her away

“Hi,” I tried to say not long ago
Nothing in return, and “message read”…it never showed
Doubtful that she saw it, if she did, I wouldn’t know
She let me go
It left me low
And now I feel like I’m her foe
Well maybe so
But still I check to see if one day she’ll reply and say, “hello”



So much time invested
Into words left undigested
Where the need and truth divested
Bold and red : return to sender

All the time spent writing
With such hopes of reuniting
Met the door so uninviting
What defines true and pretender?

Lost and seeking solace
In a place some say is souless
Still I see it now as no less
Than a wound, and I your mender

So much pain inflicted
Under strain of hope resticted
Often where we start addicted
Do we end as we surrender