In vistas vast where rivers rolled And paper prayers were sweets they sold With kindest care, they give a gold Of wasted worth to crowds who cowered cold In simple shirts and blanket bare With hopeful hands and silent stares With tired tears and dire dares They bowed and begged to keep a coin of [...]



Some wars are just battles Some battles are wars Some wins are just losses That hide behind scores Some lies are dishonest Some honesty lies Some truths are excuses That cover our eyes Some people are villains Some villains are friends Some friends are the wounds Even time cannot mend Some words are just reasons [...]


Patience is a virtue ...Until you see you're only waiting for someone to hurt you Silence isn't golden ...When it's all you get from those to whom your heart's beholden And honestly the policy ...Of honesty is just as insincere as our apologies Nothing here is sacred ...When everything you have can be destroyed, erased, [...]


To no avail I tried and failed And yet again I learned How very frail I am, and what can burn And how to thus discern Where danger lies Like in your eyes And so I look away Though I despise Knowing I have to say It has to be this way The price incurred [...]


And so I shut these windows Close and bar the doors Dig the moat and fill the space Divide my life from yours And so I close the curtains Slowly seal the room Sheets like ghosts on furniture Where silence now consumes And so I walk with burdens Created by a trust Bloomed into a [...]