They came to him, the king with crystal crown and crimson cape, With courtly curtsies of contrition and conditions of escape For lingered, he, beleaguered, long lamenting and alone With little litanies and lines of logic littering his home With weather always winter, lacking windows or the will To see a world of waning worry, [...]



There, in worlds of weeping fog she dances Hand in hand, a court of masks and gloves Gown of winter white A countenance to steal your sight From even momentary glances So when sleeping, she is all you're dreaming of Sweeping through each moment, she entrances Angels gather high to sing of her Scribing newer [...]


Indulge my curiosity But often do I wonder What became of your professed verbosity That, to a truth, you'd speak your mind With confidence and candor And not be, to stolid tongue, often resigned Indulge my animosity But even now I ponder If you see your very truth's own paucity When from a stated, clear [...]


I see you, yet, in fields of dandelions With the sun cast as a halo, And the clouds wearing the shadow of your wings And so I stand with eyes on You in awe, but ever stay low Just to hear, if momentarily, you sing If of praises or reprisals If of days or nights [...]


When at last she pressed the wax Sealing words as if They were her lips upon a lover's Ink still drying Like the morning dew Sent upon a sparrows wing Carried through the storm Into tomorrow's stirring embers Where the morning Moved with heavy gait With a blade beneath the wax Cutting through the seal [...]


When was it last that you walked through the orchards When last the winter snow danced on your tongue When last you walked on paths lit by the fireflies and moonlight And shadows weren't all you had in life to live among When was it last that night was where you traveled And stars were [...]


Run, you, my one, To lands wherein the dreams Within your heart Are golden doors That ever whirl Into your home Let there be sun To bask within and streams That never part And glowing moors At every turn For you to roam And when you're done A hand for you, serene, And vivid art [...]