With fingers resting numb Upon the passages of time removed And eyes that even now succumb To all the things I never proved I wait Upon the palisades Where all valleys seem an empty veldt And words became a palace made Of definitions never felt A fate That rested on a pin As if an [...]



Paltry were the hands of mine When offering the coins of weathered bounty As if to stop the flowing time And let the eyes of others finally count me Once among the ones who came before And once among the ones who should have been Another time for those who see the world as closing [...]


Tell me what altered the view that you beautifully had In this world, that I seem to recall, I was loath to regale? What was given or taken or broken that made you so sad? Tell me, how did your wonderful heart become suddenly pale? Dark are the words of the cynic I wear on [...]


I hold on to the make-believe The one where you chose not to leave The one where there, upon a sleeve, I chose to wear my heart and so I didn't have to grieve But then I seem to wake and find There's not an option for rewind Beyond the moments in my mind And [...]


With passion in her veins And yet a damn within her heart She, within a world of chains And fire raging even lacking spark Set with eyes to weigh A world that so disrupts the scale Of balance and of beauty made That pales to her who now I so regale Cast as if a [...]


I thought of her in rainbow hues Her presence rain, and lips were dew Her skin like clouds of spring when new And eyes the deepest type of blue Like summer skies where now I flew As if a bird so borne aloft In worlds she built so morning soft And in her words, so [...]


The only thing you proved Is that you lie in word and deed Your truths all have exceptions That you use with frequent ease So much so that it seems That your exceptions are the rule Like any fool So even if I posted Conversations that we'd had Highlighted, underlined, Drew little faces looking sad [...]