I’m blind and so I blink
I’m bored and so I drink
I’ve not a word to say
And so I write them all in ink

I’m empty so I take
I’ve naught and so I make
I’ve not forgotten much
And so myself I must forsake

I’m numb and so I feel
I’ve much and so I steal
I’m cutting into veins
So I can tell you how to heal

I’m lost and so I wait
I’m luck deciding fate
I’ve so much to destroy
And so I need you to create

I’m yearning, so I say
I’ve nothing to relay
I’m offering you wings
Because I cannot fly away

I’m breaking and it shows
I’ve sacrificed repose
I’m giving up so you
Don’t have to see how the far the darkness truly goes




Was there a spell ever cast
Or a series of words to instill
Within moments of mine
Something wholly sublime
Or is hell – to the last –
All the truth that I’m destined to feel?

What did the efforts provide
When momentum was suddenly strained
And the sun I beheld
Gave the proof that I failed
And so looking inside
Did I wonder, “What have I attained?”

Seeking a secret to quell
What had faltered and finally met
With the lowest of lows
An obsession that grows
Under smiles and veils
Like a harlequin mask of regret

So did the magic disperse
Like the ashes I needlessly clutch
In the hands of a man
Who cannot understand
That he’s seeking a curse
So this life merely shows him as much


Looking now, it seems as though I’m truly all alone
Within a home I never wanted
More a drone than anyone is
An expression always blank, as if I carved it out of stone

Walking in a world that always says, “You could have flown…”
And with a groan, I simply shamble
Falling prone, within the brambles
Hearing words that seem to guarantee I’ve no way to atone

For anything I’ve done, or for the seeds already sown
And to the bone, I’m feeling empty
Ever thrown, and never gently
As it seems my very world is but the interest on a loan

Looking now it seems there’s no escaping what was shown
Or what is known to be the ending
In the gloam that I’m descending
On a spiral that would lead me to an oubliette or throne


Speak another word under the lens you colored rose
As if it lends the word of friend before you end it with repose
…For mending and depending, if upending, are disposed
Beneath the fallacy constructed upon how words…

Open doors of meaning, shining light where shadows grow
But in the night you so delight in hidden spite you’d never show
…The right becomes a blight, a silent fight of letting go
And not acknowledging when things have truly soured…

All the points of paragon – now pinnacles of pain
But never cynical, so clinical in sinning it’s insane
…A minuet of bending, an ascent to the inane
Without response for the remains you left devoured…

And bleeding on a field atop a pile of despair
And all the while, you would smile, as if styling your hair
…It’s vile, hard to file, reconcile or repair
The view I had before I saw you were a coward



Never forget
I’m bereft of regret
I accept that I’m broken
And care not for smoke when
The fire I’ve spoken
I openly set
When we met

Do you recall
I don’t care if I fall?
For I do, without screaming
Because there’s no meaning
Regardless of leaning
I see that it’s all
Just a stall

Just be aware
That the truth of my stare
Is reduced of a purpose
A view that is worthless
Just watching the circus
From deep in my lair
Of dispair

Maybe you pray
That I’ll see a new way
But the truth is, the feeling
Is gone and I’m sealing
It up and revealing
There’s nothing say


My tenacity is toxic
My infatuation fatal
In my blood are seven poxes
Blackening your brightest fables
With the wit of demon foxes
And a state of mind unstable

My loyalty is lethal
My coercion is consistent
In my blood, the river Lethe spills
Making my concern indifferent
Where the writhing wrath of Crete fills
Every ounce of my existence

My love is not laconic
My attention, atemporal
An obsession grown draconic
In a scope that’s quite amoral
Less a tincture or a tonic
Than a poison on a quarrel


Realizations sting
For as we look below the surface
Of the kings
We think we are
We see a heart devoid of purpose

Revelations burn
For as we peer into the center
That was stern
We see the cracks
From where the fractures slowly splinter

Understanding hurts
For as we see the true reflection
Of the worth
We think we hold
We see no gold, just imperfections

So then is it cold
As we behold our fading function
See it fold
And show the truth
Of fading youth and slow destruction