Was there a spell ever cast Or a series of words to instill Within moments of mine Something wholly sublime Or is hell - to the last - All the truth that I'm destined to feel? What did the efforts provide When momentum was suddenly strained And the sun I beheld Gave the proof that [...]



Looking now, it seems as though I'm truly all alone Within a home I never wanted More a drone than anyone is An expression always blank, as if I carved it out of stone Walking in a world that always says, "You could have flown..." And with a groan, I simply shamble Falling prone, within [...]


Speak another word under the lens you colored rose As if it lends the word of friend before you end it with repose ...For mending and depending, if upending, are disposed Beneath the fallacy constructed upon how words... Open doors of meaning, shining light where shadows grow But in the night you so delight in [...]


Never forget I'm bereft of regret I accept that I'm broken And care not for smoke when The fire I've spoken I openly set When we met Do you recall I don't care if I fall? For I do, without screaming Because there's no meaning Regardless of leaning I see that it's all Just a [...]


My tenacity is toxic My infatuation fatal In my blood are seven poxes Blackening your brightest fables With the wit of demon foxes And a state of mind unstable My loyalty is lethal My coercion is consistent In my blood, the river Lethe spills Making my concern indifferent Where the writhing wrath of Crete fills [...]


Realizations sting For as we look below the surface Of the kings We think we are We see a heart devoid of purpose Revelations burn For as we peer into the center That was stern We see the cracks From where the fractures slowly splinter Understanding hurts For as we see the true reflection Of [...]


Patience is a virtue ...Until you see you're only waiting for someone to hurt you Silence isn't golden ...When it's all you get from those to whom your heart's beholden And honestly the policy ...Of honesty is just as insincere as our apologies Nothing here is sacred ...When everything you have can be destroyed, erased, [...]