Where the light of sun begins to dapple
Feathers white to shift my dour plumes
Here where waxen fingers yearn to grapple
Fires deep within a world of fumes

Touching slight to stillborn constellations
Where the space between was never pale
Torn away, my gauntlet of frustration
With a song for beauty to regale

Chiseled slow my own Venus de Milo
Painted thus within the mer de noms
To emerge a hue between a smile
And the lips to kiss, I ever long

Cradled low in gossamer I’m weaving
Rivers Lethean that keep believing


Will sonnets be the breath of life to raise
From waters deep where hands could never save?
And gift a fluttering from glowing eyes
And lips to part with words and knowing sighs
Til pulse and poetry so beat the same
The code of Morse that taps your very name
Where every pause, the parallel of press
Of finger tips, the metronome’s caress
Where rhythms of the heart can match the chord
That played again as once they played before
And be the song that morning meant to sing
Before it knew the fear of any sting
The breath that finally bid you cause to rise
From deep within the ocean of goodbyes

I think this is my first attempt at a sonnet. Granted, I don’t think they normally use seven back-to-back rhyming couplets, but oh well…I think it still qualifies since it’s fourteen lines and uses iambic pentameter even if it doesn’t use the generally accepted Petrarchan or Shakespearean rhyme schemes.


For where the wind has ravaged
Leaves that were the novel of your soul
Sadly strewn and savaged
‘Lo would I collect them once again and make them whole

For how the time unraveled
Threads so beautiful that e’er you weave
Frayed them as you traveled
Still I see the bounty that beneath them interweave

For why the weights have burdened
Eyes that brim of passions unretained
Threats to see them hardened
Yet, to me, they shine of heavens – promises contained

For when the blaze ensued
Tempest in your heart that wouldn’t stow
Leaving ashes winter blue
Still I search to find the seeds of you that ever grow


Could we, as rays of sunlight, sway
So moved by music
That here in the
Melancholic waves
We’ve not but graces left to say

Like silken strands between the hands
Like gossamer we
Glide descending
Wingless over lands
A blessing so few understand

Could we, as seeds, so plant our needs
To grow enraptured
Sprawling slowly
Bending low to knee
Supplanting apathy with deed

And give away the frost we say
Has left us frozen
Ever hindered
Painting us in gray
Because we tell ourselves
There is no other way


Halfway to the line
That wasn’t half the given time
So listening for all the laughter
Although half of it was thine
And happily

Partway to the ledge
That seemed much darker from the edge
But now the view is growing starker
There’s a parlay and a bridge
At last to be

Seconds from the moon
That ever beckoned, ever loomed
A destination borne of wreckage
Now a message warm in boon
A map to glee

Inches from the light
That seemed so distant in the night
But now it only seems to glisten
What a difference; the delight
Of apogee


With elegance effused
And words of ready glee
A pensive point of view
Who could refuse
Your vision readily

With glowing grace suffused
And motion setting me
To capture constellations
Your elation –
Life worth setting free

Determination set
And so unfretted these
Wires bound to break
As fingers make
A song forgetting deeds

Such beauty to proclaim
I, in your stead, agree
That little else compares
Nor could it dare
To match your pedigree


There we sat with cotton clouds
The ever loud
World was not a complication
Free of any consternation
Hands over the side
Into the waters rolling far and wide

Silence was our given song
All along
Eyes were gripped in conversation
Forms relaxed in reservation
Holding time to bide
For oars were ever ours in rivers tried

Sunset like a lampshade in the sky
You and I
Shielding eyes in hesitation
Drinking views, a new libation
Not a word implied
Between the parted lips that never sighed

Indigo where days have left their bruise
Where we choose
Fingers soft in supplication
To your cheek without frustration
Gentle as we glide
Along the waters, caught up in the tide