Of confidence, is there a shred Upon the spool where long ago the consequence Of being pulled and being pushed Were words conveyed - now ever shushed But never put to bed When eloquently never said, Or quite declared, the implications relevant Forever spared in grim belief That this would ever grant relief Instead of [...]



If my nose were missing Would you treat me as if I Were just a snake forever hissing Just a pest that needs to die? ...Or would you so embrace The imperfections of my face And all the flaws I can't erase And see instead, the parts that cannot be replaced? If my hands were [...]


Speak another word under the lens you colored rose As if it lends the word of friend before you end it with repose ...For mending and depending, if upending, are disposed Beneath the fallacy constructed upon how words... Open doors of meaning, shining light where shadows grow But in the night you so delight in [...]


I see no cause to celebrate The days or weeks or years With spirits raised and ample cheer For I see nothing that would work to elevate My disposition, mood, or view My heart or hope or cares For no sincerity is there I see a world I live within but never knew I've no [...]


I tried to keep your beauty close to me When far away it ever chose to be So even when I finally rose to see You slipping through my fingers, like a broken rosary I said your name in whispers of despair Offered to a god that isn't there And in my heart, I know [...]


Never forget I'm bereft of regret I accept that I'm broken And care not for smoke when The fire I've spoken I openly set When we met Do you recall I don't care if I fall? For I do, without screaming Because there's no meaning Regardless of leaning I see that it's all Just a [...]


I took the pieces That you took from me And took them far away As far as far could be Beneath the seas of yesterday I looked for reasons I mistook for pleas And put them in the grave The one you made with ease With all the things we couldn't save I found release [...]