You cannot tell a person, “You’re a monster –
Irredeemable – inexorably doomed.”
And then claim to be surprised
When later, looking in their eyes,
They act exactly like the monster you’d assume

You cannot tell a person, “You’re a monster
And the only thing that you deserve is pain.”
And then claim to be confused
After options are refused
They don’t how else to live without a chain

You cannot tell a person, “You’re a monster,
And you have to prove that better you can be.”
And then claim to be in shock
When you won’t remove the lock
And get offended when they ask you for a key

You cannot tell a person, “You’re monster
And the best thing you can do is simply die.”
And then claim it’s really strange
That they never seem to change
When you don’t really think they have a right to try



My empty, petty words, I wrapped in cotton
And I laid them down to rest
Along with all the broken gifts I bought when
They were all, I told myself, that I was worthy to possess

The blood upon my hands, I cover often
In a sheath of satin gloves
And all the hardest lines of mine I soften
For the jagged parts, I told myself, no one could truly love

My bitterness and blame, though not forgotten
I accepted with a truce
Along with all the woes that I’d been caught in
When I told myself, “Perhaps I’m only worthy of abuse…”

The best of me, I offered without caution
Unto you when I proclaimed
The best of me was never truly lost when
What was best in me was only really realized the day I learned your name


Did emptiness replace the scattered rays
Where sunlight had already promised nothing ever stays
And give to us a moon we cast in grays

In this, the long expanse of diffidence
Where now and then are only measured by the difference
And what remains we mar with dissonance

And look through scattered rays to emptiness
With cups we fill with air in hopes we’ll see them empty less
For nothing ever stays, and so we carry heavy truths and fear to guess


Wrapped within the warmth of words forbidden
Tell me that you recognize the strain
Lurking, lingering, but never hidden
Any more or deeper than a vein

Coursing long a road to gloomy places
Where the highs and lows of life exchange
Indigo to paint the ivory faces
Normalcy deflowered and deranged

Held within the gaze but not the comfort
Given by the eyes that look away
While the lips are trembling as one hurt
Given turned to two for equal pay

Locked between the coming and the going
Tell me that I’m not so very strange
That I so improve as days are growing
While you whisper, “No, you’ll never change…”