Did emptiness replace the scattered rays
Where sunlight had already promised nothing ever stays
And give to us a moon we cast in grays

In this, the long expanse of diffidence
Where now and then are only measured by the difference
And what remains we mar with dissonance

And look through scattered rays to emptiness
With cups we fill with air in hopes we’ll see them empty less
For nothing ever stays, and so we carry heavy truths and fear to guess



Oh, but I’ve embraced a frown
And painted all the world in black
And turned my smile upside-down
And mourned for everything I lack

And thus was I the dagger held
And, too, the turning back
The hope to not see light dispelled
And, too, the dark’s attack

Woeful, I have braced the doors
And painted all the portals red
And sang the songs of “Nevermore”
And followed not, but always led

And thus was I the faded map
And, too, the path I tread
The one who feared it all a trap
And, too, the plotted dread

Thus, I wake and wonder now
What map, today, I seem to hold
A map of what could be and how
A map to ropes and bowing bough
To honest words or breaking vow
To kneeling low or courtly bow
To what I wish or back to what I sold