Original poem “Chrysalis” written by Tara Caribou from Caribou Crossing. I took the given poem and made it a rhyming poem. So…sort of a post-process collaboration.


Inhale sandalwood embers
Smoke seeps from the corners of her eyes
Drifting past her cheeks, the trails of soot: a map of tears for her to fly

Withering, wispy storm wall
Caresses and then swiftly falls away
Skin bright, dewdrops etching, stepping out and trailing ankles fall to pray

The cracking, fractured pieces
Leave behind the crumbs like glass in shards
Finger pricking blood; the silver melts for flexing wings to fly, and far

As glitter glides to floating
Showing where she’s been amongst the bark,
Branches, petals, blades that flit and flutter: land to lap – nectar and lark

As a tongue so delving
Deep within her thighs, a heaven’s width
Beckoning the forest, for the seed now bursting forth, forever with

A gasping turned to panting
Speeding toward the dirt in slow disperse
Galaxies left spinning, twirling, crystalline – a glass of glowing worth

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