Bound as a chain
To a wrist or a name
In the twisted design of resignment

Shackled the same
Like a shadow of shame
And the clock is a chime of assignment

Lowly, we stare
With a burden to share
Clutching cold like a shine of refinement

Carving our care
In the walls of despair
Etching echoes in shrines of confinement

If you find yourself wondering, “Hey, why does it seem like some days you just have these rapid-fire posts? It seems out of character…”

What’s happening is this: My IG page has blocks of nine posts designed as a 3×3. These blocks are then divided by a row of three. So while I’m organizing things for my 3×3, I try to grab my shorter poems for my row of three (because I started doing that and I just keep doing that), but my number of poems that are less than standard 4/4 meter is less common than 4/4 and other poems that are even longer. Soooooo…if I get to a row of three and I haven’t found three short ones while organizing my previous nine posts, then I go, “I need to write three short poems…” So then I come over here and I write three short poems in rapid succession.

Man Shrugging: Light Skin Tone