How on the ground the snow is blinding
We seek so tainted by reminding

Within, can feel the gears are grinding
Consumed by memories rewinding

Found, and underneath the finding
The road beneath, forever winding


With lamentations, e’er we lie
Upon this tide of aspiration
Disparate as earth and sky

For labored breath has earned your eye
With pulses high as tabors set
And cabers hefted just to vie

A melody escapes from why
With timbre lithe as elegies
Compelling me to trust and try

Where wonder flew too much for nigh
And thus was I held clutching you
A touch consumed as stars born in July


Was gallantry the reason
That I trampled through the garden
And then waited for the season
So that I could pluck a rose?

Was chivalry the virtue
That compelled me of my treason
As I swore I’d never hurt you
Leaving every crux exposed

Is honor what compelled me
As I waded through the river
Breaking every chain that held me
Blind to what I crushed below

Can sorry really save me
When the angels that are crying
And the demons that are waiting
I can never juxtapose


You and I
Through an eye
Do we constrast by reflection
By connection
As we vie
To topple strangers

At a glance
In a trance
Do we move so elegantly
Even gently
With a stance
Atop our angers

Me and you
Less a two
As a coin forever flipping
Always slipping
But we knew
The cost and danger

One and one
Never done
Sisyphus beneath a boulder
Sharing shoulders
And the sun
Like doppelgängers


Swarmed of vile creatures
And I clutch now to your features
As a ward against the world
You are, indeed, apotropaic

Wild sounds converging
Like a wave of hornets surging
Neath it all, your song is heard
It’s both angelic and prosaic

Numbers spin and spiral
In a cycle dark and viral
As you sum it up by saying
Not all things are algebraic

Drifting in the newest
Where the sun is always bluest
Is it any wonder that I seek
To cling to the archaic


They swarm with their praise
And the warmest embrace
With a smiling face
Never wilting

Then something will change
And the looks become strange
Interactions are strained
As if tilting

With the glances that stray
And the lips that would bray
Only when you’re away
Ever jilting

For your aura is dark
Failure taken your spark
As they callously hark
That you’re guilty


The water clear a perfect blue
All the skies above unblemished
With not a thought to skew
Or effort to diminish
Any fear it’d fall into disruption

The silver lining dimming slow
Tarnish turning it to nickel
And there not far below
By efforts frail and fickle
Changes came by slim and slow consumption

Soon the blue was tinged with gray
And waves began to rise and fall
So into disarray
Were waters rising tall
Calm was now replaced by cold corruption

A hurricane of rain and snow
Destroying everything we knew
And sadly do we know
From where the chaos grew
Such a tiny seed made of assumption