Did you see the light that flickered in her eyes?
The candle of her soul that she protects with little lies?
And how she fails but smiles just because she tries?
But later cries…

Did you see the thunder in her storming heart?
The lightning and the hurricanes she puts into her art?
And how she fears the end, but never fears to start?
Or to depart…

Did you see the ink upon her fingertips?
The worlds of inspiration that are locked within her lips?
And how her silence lingers like a long ellipse?
Like an eclipse…



Alas, my queen, I see you there
Atop your silver throne
And I, it seems, am little more
Than messages erased
A long forgotten face
A heart that you’ve replaced to save your own

Alas, my dear, I saw you once
Where heaven met my tears
But I, I fear, was little more
Than wishes meant to fade
A mask in a charade
The promise that was made to disappear

Alas, your grace, I see you now
Where days are often cold
And I, disgraced, am nothing more
Than embers in the frost
The full and final cost
The path forever lost and never told

Alas, my queen, I saw you go
To where I couldn’t tread
And I, unseen, am nothing now
But words you cannot hear
When whispering, “My dear,
I weep and dream of where you never led.”