If my nose were missing Would you treat me as if I Were just a snake forever hissing Just a pest that needs to die? ...Or would you so embrace The imperfections of my face And all the flaws I can't erase And see instead, the parts that cannot be replaced? If my hands were [...]



Everybody loves it when you smile No one ever wants to see you cry So dry your eyes in secret Dig a hole of sweet denial And pretend your world of woe is apple pie Everybody loves it when you're pretty No one wants your ugliness around So hide your every blemish Show the world [...]


Was there a spell ever cast Or a series of words to instill Within moments of mine Something wholly sublime Or is hell - to the last - All the truth that I'm destined to feel? What did the efforts provide When momentum was suddenly strained And the sun I beheld Gave the proof that [...]


Hands and arms in flurry 'gainst the tide Drowning more in worry than the waves Carried less than purely on the fiction that I've tried To say goodbye to, but I slip again - my will, it always caves Whipping by as pennies in the fount Offered as if any was a dime Dreams - [...]


I see no cause to celebrate The days or weeks or years With spirits raised and ample cheer For I see nothing that would work to elevate My disposition, mood, or view My heart or hope or cares For no sincerity is there I see a world I live within but never knew I've no [...]


If I could give apologies for being For having eyes that saw what they were seeing And holding on so tightly To the truths that truly might be No more than malediction and of grieving Perhaps I'd stand in line to voice my worries And see the coming storms are more than flurries But rather [...]


There I sit A hand outstretched And feeling more and more a wretch My empty palm to skies To never seeing eyes And I wait... I merely wait And so you pass me by And so say I "Could I, a moment of your time Where much and many Make us oft believe We haven't [...]