I dreamt again last night, and there we were
Alone, yet not alone, within a room
Unlike the dreams before, this one was awkward and unsure
Or maybe darkness lay in wait, but morning came and I awoke too soon

You spoke to me, but heard, I, not a word
For how has it been since last we talked?
How long since you became the song, and I the wounded bird
How long since “could have been” was set upon the floor and lined in chalk?

Another passed and offered a remark
To which we met with looks I can’t recall
Did I, embarrassed, seem to blush, or was my visage stark?
And did you laugh or look away, or did you choose to not react at all?

It passed the same, and there again I rose
Within an empty room and silent home
Still wondering when, for you, dreams and words I’ll not compose
And fearing when that day arrives, I’ll honestly and truly be alone

First Dream, Second Dream



Circle back to heaven on your wings of air and soar
To places I recall, for you and I were there before
Resting like a eulogy of hope that dared adore
As if an intersection where the sea and sun could share the shore

Drift into the wind as if a feather meant to fly
To consolations crafted like a letter sent reply
Held forever hovering as “whether” went to “why”
As exclamations made of you then punctuated the intent of I

Fall beyond the precipice that held your view to here
To places that are beautiful and skies are blue and clear
Made into the symphony I heard in lieu of fear
As if your words were an Elysium you granted me when you were near

Pull me through the shadows and the absent barren view
To valleys and to vistas long ago, for there we knew
The sky was never large enough to keep you where you flew
And all the same, I didn’t care as long as when you landed I was there with you


Bind my hands and spirit like a pill
Ask of me without remorse
And, “Yes,” say I, “my dear, of course.
I’m yours.” I’ve always said…
I always will

Bind me like a tongue between your teeth
Ask of me the very sun
And, “Yes,” say I, “it shall be done”
And made, for you, a bed
Of clouds beneath.”

Bind me like a promise to your throat
Ask of me a moment true
And “All that’s good in me is you,”
Say I with bowing head
In somber notes

Bind my very logic with a kiss
Ask of me what I adore
And, “Dear,” say I, “You matter more
Than any word I’ve said
Or any wish.”


Let me grow a garden just for you
Filled to overflowing with the loops of while do
Lush binary trees
With Fibonacci number leaves
That ever grow within the parametric logic while(true)

Let me put my heart into arrays
Strings of hexadecimal a console can display
Held within a try
Above a catch that could deny
With an exception given by the words you speak but never say

Let me turn my words into a sum
Hide my failing zeroes and confess you are the one
Override the switch
Delete the cases that exist
For my default condition without you is equivalent to none

Let me parse the words I’ve thus implied
Disregard exceptions where the code would not abide
Seeing, in them, you
The fragile threads created new
For when you left the way you did, my heart, by zero, did divide


Seeing not a ticket price
And lacking more and more a civil cause
When no reasons thus suffice
To further give myself another pause

Knowing not of heads or tails
A coin of reason resting on its side
Sadly, that’s when faults prevail
And boundaries I struggle to abide

Listening for a decree
Or else a symbol given to explain
Telling me to follow free
Or else to say in this I should refrain

Say the word and see me cease
Or else I’ll not leave good enough alone
Speak the truth or hold your peace
Or soon I fear we’ll both be throwing stones


The fog of daylight settling
As much as any pulse of mine
…to cling as meaning, cold as dew
…with shifting tones and subtle hues
The hall where dire meets divine
And every pond reflects a bit of you

I, with shutters bolted, sealed
The cold disconsolation felt
…beneath a symbol, ribbon bound
…as so, beneath a pillow, found
A summer dream that sought to melt
The frost that, long ago, my heart was crowned

The depth of twilight beckoning
Like safety to a shaking soul
…that curled within a corner dark
…where all the world seemed ever stark
And depth of meaning seemed a shoal
But in this world of crows, you were a lark

Thus, did I behold the truth
That you can bring the color in
…the shuttered windows that I feared
…to open, until you appeared
For sorrow was a curtain thin
And swept aside the moment you were near


Tell me what altered the view that you beautifully had
In this world, that I seem to recall, I was loath to regale?
What was given or taken or broken that made you so sad?
Tell me, how did your wonderful heart become suddenly pale?

Dark are the words of the cynic I wear on my skin
And yet I entreat you to see what has never been lost
As I fear that you think that an ending must surely begin
I beg you to see not a chasm, but bridges across

Here, as I cling to the shadows and stay out of view
I mourn at the thought of your heart in depths of despair
Ever burdened by loss or the demons you fight to subdue
So I hold to the notion that nothing is beyond repair

Tell me the words and I’ll say them forever again
That the grace of your smile is more than the stars in the night
I’d discard every moniker held and relinquish my pen
If it meant you could see me as anything more than a blight