How shall I describe you? Using virtues I ascribe you? With a magnifying glass To see the soul that lives inside you? With a pen or else a painting Knowing well it would deprive you Of the essence that I clearly see from my view? So then, how shall I assess The fact that words [...]



The stars were hanging bright like chandeliers The crescent moon was watching with a wink Silver, glass, and wine, and all the world could disappear So long as you remain with every blink The sky, a crowd of ravens to attend The hidden sun an orchestra of strings Playing subtle notes as you and I [...]


I thought of her in rainbow hues Her presence rain, and lips were dew Her skin like clouds of spring when new And eyes the deepest type of blue Like summer skies where now I flew As if a bird so borne aloft In worlds she built so morning soft And in her words, so [...]


Tell me of your shrouds and veils That seem as either clouds or nails So driven as they are - sometimes as crowds or wind within your sails Speak then, of your harrowed path As offered, or of barrowed wrath That's taken as it's giving you a sorrow you cannot surpass Ask me of the [...]


I turn around to see you, knowing long ago you left I tell myself, you wait beyond the ridge Hope an old canteen, that if I open, seems bereft I tell myself that effort is a bridge And that if I can build it, it will lead me where you went I tell myself, endurance [...]


I tried to show my flaws in many ways To show, to you, my bloody claws and say "To you, I'm a lost cause, so stay away; Your worth, I'll only pause or else decay - A bundle made of straw to your bouquet" And yet you did persist and see me whole Somewhere neath [...]


Remember us as paragons When all the days we share have gone Awry, and leave us staring long With visages, now wary, drawn, And tired from the cares upon Our shoulders that we carried long Recall that we were something real When dead we are, from wounds surreal And injuries we thought would heal But [...]