I watched forever crashing
In the limbs of fallen trees
And heard the desperation of the weary wind
Where time was set to gnashing
Leaving only old debris
And under what was lying dead, the living pinned

Those moments of requital
Planting wreckage in the boughs
Beneath the memory of what was never wrought
That sang as a recital
Like a kiss upon the brow
Of someone sleeping in the dream the rest forgot

I watched tomorrow shiver
Like a vagrant in a coat
Its fingers wrapped around a dagger of a spine
Erosion via sliver
Like a hand upon the throat
Of resurrection, choking flowers in the vine

A vision growing crowded
As if static on the screen
With a cacophony in turbulent descent
And growing til it shouted
Through the fabric of a dream
That would devour any virtuous intent


What have I to view beyond the shore
Where once did dreams implore
And eyes still wide
And fingers soft
And left to glide
Yet linger oft
A world to thus explore
With such desire in my spirit sore

Tell me what there is beyond the ground
Of now where not a sound
Is soaring new
Or calling warm
As beauty flew
By falling storm
And left forever bound
A relic of respite no longer found

What have I to hold beyond your ghost
Clinging to the coast
Where on the day
You, drifting, sailed
I wished to pray
With lips that failed
To say what mattered most
To keep me safe, I couldn’t keep you close

Tell me what’s beyond this blue divide
Stretching far and wide
Where phantoms mourn
As much as I
And tears adorn
This crushing sky
Where waters now collide
And sing to me your loss upon the tide