I still have every word you've saidIt's all that I have left of youBut don't remember whyI can't recall the day when they were newBut still I'm filled with dreadFor if I let them go, the memories would dieI still have everything I wroteA little stack of fading inkThat should have never driedI don't know [...]



Leading ever on were bridges few Held to ropes I saw were growing thin So did I see from the rigid view Was not so far from where I did begin Wondering, "What am I running to?" As much as if an answer could be had Would there be a blade to run me through? [...]


When once upon a time Was not a time ago that seemed so very long ...And futures moving forward seemed so kind... How long ago was that to when the swan did sing its song And lead us to the current bind that we belong? With sonnets spilled as wine And words of mine upon [...]


Though I seem to trace the edges till the paper tears It never brings a view color Ever darkening the image and the eyes that always stare But far away to see another And do I go turning, looking, hoping that I might see where I see only an open vista Dotted so with clouds [...]


Were my words but lips The wine of gods for you to sip The clouds beneath your fingertips ...A rainbow view And every color yours Were my heart your world The skies wherein your wings unfurled Where leaves of promise swept and swirled ...An ocean blue And we upon the shore


Let me hold you And shift my emptiness It's as I told you I'd give, to you, my wings You can alter And twist my happiness Just watch me falter And send me to my knees Don't you wonder About the consequence That pulls us under And how we'll try to breathe Let me ask [...]


Oh, but there are moments in the ocean that we sail Blue and stretching like a canvas More a part of us than land is Secrets lurking neath a liquid veil Even for the ships that we have seen and then forgot Either we feel like a lotus Or a broken thing unnoticed Free, or, [...]