The ones who love me number few
There’s less than six, but more than two
I’m hard to love, this much is true
And those who still endure me, well, I don’t know why they do

In moments rare, and moons of blue
The number grows with someone new
And less than six, it hints a view
Of greater than, but, nevermind, three others just withdrew

There’s some who stay, or just pursue
There’s some who care and muscle through
There’s some who try to find a clue
Of who I am, and why, and parse my words and shifting hue

But then, I love so very few
And say I don’t to ones I do
I hide the words in “her” and “you”
And say the words in secret so you never have to say you love me too



I gave to you a name – it was “the one”
In every dream I had, you were enveloped by the sun
Your pulse was like a drum
The finish line to which I run
And still my mind is like a top, forever spun

I thought I knew the way to set you free
But I was Orpheus, and you, my dear, Eurydice
And though I tried to plea
And hold you momentarily
I chose to focus on the locks and not the key

I gave to you a heart – it wasn’t well
I’d wrapped it up gossamer, and hid it in a well
It grew so very pale
And soon was fragile as a shell
And yet I offered it to you – to no avail

I thought you were the way out of the maze
But just as Melpomene, music turned into malaise
And though my spirit frays
Beneath the darkest of our days
Within the labyrinth of your light, my spirit stays


I tried to write a poem for you on a single feather
Wasn’t long and I was running out of space
And so I grabbed another, but there’s no amount of letters
That, compared to you in person, could be more than just a trace

Another feather taken, but my pen was running empty
So a pack of seven dozen I procured
But they were insufficient when explaining how you gently
Took my hand and tried to lead me from the darkness I endured

Soon I had a million words upon a thousand feathers
Even then, I knew it wasn’t good enough
For putting you in words – it was to try to paint the weather
Or to photograph eternity or make an angel blush

Finally out of ink and out of feathers I retired
Not because I thought I had no other words
I stopped because the feathers, wearing words of such desire
Grew a heart, and sang a song, and flew away into the heavens like a bird


Your actions convey
You’re running away
Meanwhile, your lips remain still

I try to inquire
My only desire
Is hearing you say how you feel

I don’t understand
I offer a hand
You push it away and retreat

I ask for answer
You treat me like cancer
With words that are never concrete

I follow along
I know that it’s wrong
But so is not saying goodbye

My actions are screaming
I know that I’m dreaming
To think that you’ll break before I

My actions convey
I want you to stay
I know that you know it and though

With only assertion
I won’t see desertion
Or yes in the absence of no