There were banners made
And every one
Was streaming shades
Of morning sun

From parapets of my imagination
Like the bare regrets of dimming fascination

There were clouds of white
And each the same
Was filled with light
Til each became

A window that was opening to greet you
A crescendo with no confidence to meet you

There were images
Of closing eyes
Where limits live
Composing lies

A quill I took from you in admiration
With a willing look of somber supplication

There were written vows
And every one
Is silent now
And sealed from sun

Just sentences that fade like an ellipsis
That were sent away like days with long eclipses



I took the pieces
That you took from me
And took them far away
As far as far could be
Beneath the seas of yesterday

I looked for reasons
I mistook for pleas
And put them in the grave
The one you made with ease
With all the things we couldn’t save

I found release is
What I needed more
Than any word or phrase
That could have come before
What soon would only be malaise

I left the needs in
Places now unseen
And chose to walk away
To where I’d never been
It was the price I had to pay