I’m not the best, and not the worst
My answers calm, and well-rehearsed
I’m not the last, and not the first
I guess that puts me somewhere in the middle

I’m not the most and not the least
My visage calm but slightly creased
I’m not a famine or a feast
I guess I’m not too much or else too little

I’m not the bottom or the top
My path, like rain, was meant to drop
I’m not essential or a prop
I guess, compared to some, I’m second fiddle

I’m not the cause and not the cure
My words a gift from lips impure
I’m not untroubled or unsure
I guess I’m not the answer or the riddle



You cannot tell a person, “You’re a monster –
Irredeemable – inexorably doomed.”
And then claim to be surprised
When later, looking in their eyes,
They act exactly like the monster you’d assume

You cannot tell a person, “You’re a monster
And the only thing that you deserve is pain.”
And then claim to be confused
After options are refused
They don’t how else to live without a chain

You cannot tell a person, “You’re a monster,
And you have to prove that better you can be.”
And then claim to be in shock
When you won’t remove the lock
And get offended when they ask you for a key

You cannot tell a person, “You’re monster
And the best thing you can do is simply die.”
And then claim it’s really strange
That they never seem to change
When you don’t really think they have a right to try