It is
Of course
To remember that we are all
We are
… …Faulty
… … …Fearful
Fragile little things
Glass eggs in a world of iron hands
Soft tongues
Navigating angry teeth
Chapped lips
Holding back words
Both gentle
And cruel
We are, all of us, imperfect moments
Hoping for perfect results
And lives made of uncomfortable compromise
Hoping for uncompromised comforts
With hands stained in yesterday’s tears
And eyes blurred by next year’s sandstorm
Living in that
… …Evanescent
… … …Ever-fading dream
Of some distant sun
From last year’s distant summer
If only for a moment
Perfect lived
And breathed
And placed its hand upon our heart
And said
If only once
Is only our breath
Held in screaming lungs
Waiting for us to
Let go
And remember
That we all take
Perfect breaths
However imperfectly”

Okay…so here’s another free-verse because of reasons A and C from the previous list of reasons that I didn’t give you. I’m going back to rhyming after this one…



Your melody – a windchime with a sad, familiar tune
Where winds were always waning and the sun was never strong
Like light that offered patterns from a slowly waning moon
And like a ship upon the waves
That chased the moon for what it gave
I tried to match your tempo, but could never sing along

Your melody – a bell that never held a pure sustain
Where storms were ever roaring and the sky was mottled blue
As if it wore the weight of all the rain that never came
And so umbrellas we forgot
What once were, and yet were not
I tried to brave the weather, but it’s just so hard to do

Your melody – a hand that, long ago, was pulled away
Where fingertips were reaching for a hope that faded out
And lips were left unmoving, never knowing what to say
Until the words were lost to time
As if a note from distant chimes
I tried to find the music that could banish all the doubt

Your melody – a sound that, even now, feels like a wound
Where epithets are whorls upon the fingers typing still
On keys that play a song that, even now, grows out of tune
From fingers that have lost their way
And lips that only know to say
I tried. I really tried. But pen and ink just can’t convey the way I feel.


I saw your face within the clouds
Or maybe I was looking at the sun
I heard you in the river running, whispering aloud
A song of never been and yet to come

I saw you in a quiet glow
Or maybe I was looking at a star
I saw you in the meadows like a flower in the snow
A tale of beauty blooming from a scar

I felt you in the summer mist
Or maybe I was swimming through the clouds
I felt you like redemption from the lips I never kissed
A vision of your eyes beneath a shroud

I saw you in a photograph
Or maybe I’m just hoping that I will
I felt you like a smile and I heard you like a laugh
A story of the way you make me feel


This coin has, long ago, been stripped of pride
Left circling above for days
In orbit of a wishing well
The face upon the front – a kneeling man who seeks to pray
The back – a finger pressed to lips with words that say, “I’ll never tell”
And all the while, still I hoped to see it land upon its side

Or else behold it taken by a bird
Who either came to steal my luck
Or else to save me from its sting
To doom me with the feeling I’d remain forever stuck
Or else to give me cause to hope a better coin it meant to bring
And all the while, yes and no were both the same – forbidden words

Eventually, the coin, it met the ground
It struck and then it ricocheted
It bounced and then began to roll
I chased it from a distance out of fear for what it’d say
But followed all the same because in truth, it was the final toll
Of passage and of mourning bells I knew, one day, would have to sound

And there I saw it slow and finally stop
Beside a painting faded gray
That not a soul would ever sell
The image of a kneeling man who knew not what to say
His eyes afraid to open as he tossed a coin into a well
And both of us, together, waited silently for both our coins to drop


Though oft I’ve felt that truly I have nothing left to give
That life’s an empty box that has ever closing lid
And all I have are dark reminders of the wretched things I did
I choose to live

Though oft I’ve seen my better moments draining through the sieve
Of frailty, fear, and fumbles that I try, but fail to rid
And though, for all the candles burning, shadows, still, are cast amid
I choose to live

Though oft I feel I’ve only matches when I need a bridge
And friend so often means a face that soon farewell will bid
And as I try to higher climb, you only see how far I slid
I choose to live

And though I’ve failures yet to come that many won’t forgive
And though I know my scars will never be forever hid
And though my best, to some, will still be met and married with “forbid”
I choose to live
I choose to live

Inspired by a line from “Gravity” by A Perfect Circle


I kissed the hand that once caressed me where belief was lost
For life was but an ocean dark, you swore we’d sail across
I didn’t think of lose or lost
I didn’t think of choose or cost
I didn’t think you’d speak your blessing with your fingers crossed

I touched the gentle lips that told me souls don’t really break
For life was but a ledge, and love a leap that we could make
I didn’t think of try or take
I didn’t think of hearts that ache
I didn’t think you’d say “forgive” but really mean “forsake”

I offered you the tears that you assured I needn’t shed
For life was filled with terrors, but I trusted where you lead
I didn’t think of dark or dread
I didn’t think of fears I fed
I didn’t think your prayers would turn to “words I’ve never said”

I kissed the paling lips of yours, an angel in disguise
For life was but plummet and you swore that we would rise
I didn’t think of lose or lies
I didn’t think of woes or why’s
I didn’t think my lips would be the poison that would lead to your demise


I’d steal the sun to let you live a while
And lose the will to move to let you have another mile
But woes upon my shoulders
They cannot repair your smile
So the sun, it merely smolders
And we, motionless, remain in hushed denial

I’d burn the world to keep your heart from chilling
And brave the hurricanes in life to fix the pain you’re feeling
But seeking out tornadoes
Cannot stop your heart from stilling
Or repair your broken halo
So we watch the winter come, however willing

I’d break a million vows to save your promise
And wage a war of eons if it leads you where the calm is
But wounds of my endeavor
They cannot make you admonish
What was never mine to sever
So you slip away and still I act astonished

I’d die if just to know that you were living
And drown within our sins, however dark and unforgiving
But what I’d lose to save you
It cannot replace what’s missing
From the heart I never gave you
But I look into the sky, and all the same, continue wishing