How far does logic lead us
And how deep does worry reach?
What good are words delivered at the lips of ministration
When we know there’s nothing true in what they preach?

I ask to know the answer
Of a question that evolves
The words of, “Are we there yet?” on a road we’re slowly paving
To a place where quandaries our work resolves

Where signs devoid of writing
Are the brightest beams of light
And every way is forward, every cut was predetermined
Otherwise, it’s simply chaos, cold, and fright

But that’s where logic leads us
To the pain of, “no one knows”
Where all the wants and wishes are a place we label heaven
And it’s somewhere none have been and no one goes


Softening the edges
Cut the overhanging hedges
And I see a scene I might have overlooked

Hanging on the phrases
With my fingers on the pages
Like I’ve found what could become my favorite book

Fighting trepidation
Battling my hesitation
And my eyes, they simply crave another look

Trying not to falter
At the candle of your altar
But I struggle and I know not what to do

So, I try conveying
What I’m so afraid of saying
When I look into your eyes of vivid blue

Trying all the while
To resist your glowing smile
Or to take the leap and hope you take it too


Worn away the color at the edges of periphery
With flutters of a lash that tried to bind
Motes of indirection, to a sign that never differs, we
Go searching with a broken magnifying glass to find

Evidence or essence of a meaningful impression
Like the faded notes of lipstick on a cheek
Turning clouds to prophecy and luck into a lesson
Painting vistas out of what we briefly witnessed in a peek

Hauling into focus charcoal valleys called altiloquent
By meanings made to suit uncertain terms
Scrawled to thus assert, by imperfection does the filament
Burn brighter than the light of any opposite could burn

Where the ragged edges that we qualify as needed
Wear away and so we call the journey proof
Mollifying losses as a destiny we greeted
With a signature of blood, upon a parchment made of lies, we swear the truth


Around again in spirals now
With litanies like litter thrown
Where not for any moment made of triumph do we bow
To pauper kings and dying crones
Upon detritus covered thrones
Because we only stand as tall as circumstance allows

And so we set our palette thin
And worry for the paint we use
With brushes that we never touched and never will again
So canvases are left to lose
The portraits all bereft a muse
With signatures we craft of “Never lose, but never win”

Arrested by the view to be
Where, surely, stars are meant to grow
Our wrists are counting moments in a world we never see
And who we are, we fail to show
And why we hide, we never know
But hold our broken, hated masks and swear they set us free

But then there are so many days
And life is like a lost balloon
And here we are like children blinded by the golden rays
With fingers reaching for the moon
Where finding clouds would be a boon
But still, the road is dark and what we seek…it seems a million miles away


I saw where rainbows raced
To meet your eyes and chase
Your aura like a storm
Not so unlike my eyes
Were chasing after yours
A moon to your sunrise

I heard where heaven crept
And for your love, it wept
And prayed for you to see
Not so unlike I do
When still I bend my knee
And write these words for you


I look back to the place I thought I left you
In a palace made of dislocated dreams
And after what we went through
Did I do as I was meant to
When the parts of me I lent you
Weren’t clean

I climbed up to the place I thought I’d find you
There upon a cliff that rose above the clouds
And after my arrival
I then questioned your survival
When the loss of my revival
Echoed loud

I went back to the place I thought you left me
In a castle made of candlelight and mirrors
And the darkness that I live in
Cannot let me be forgiven
When I seem forever driven
By my fears

I try to find the place that we’ve forgotten
The one where you and I were still okay
Where hope was our confinement
And of joy we were reminded
I just hope that I can find it
And you’ll stay


My feelings for you grew like dandelions
I tried…
So much I cried…
To pull their roots
And say goodbye when
My heart told me, “Without her, we would die”

I hid from you to save you from my feelings
I fought…
So much I thought…
To say the truth
That left me reeling
My heart said, “If you do, the end is nigh”

My feelings for you haven’t even lessened
I try…
So much I cry…
To close the gate
Of my confessions
My heart says, “Doing so would be a lie”

I tell you now the words I was afraid to
And though…
My dear, I know…
It’s far too late
To find a way through
My heart says that you’re worth a million tries