Defend yourself with silence
Use averted eyes as armor
Use disconsolation as your holy blade

So even as my eyes wince
At the phantom pains of harm you’re
Left as echoes of the song you slowly played

Append the words with droplets
Putting points above your commas
Til continuation meets a growing pause

Til lines that offered couplets
Turned to null each new nirvana
Where your vines of gray were white when sowing laws

Ascend your self-defiance
As your hurt denies the karma
Of the wants that never were so wholly made

As I, in cold compliance
Rest inside the hollow arms of
The imaginary love you coldly bade



Your eyes are such a perfect color
For the ice
The cold device
The ample sacrifice
You seem to only ask of others

Your lips are painted red with reasons
For the lies
The new disguise
The empty-promised prize
You need my heart to just believe in

Your skin is just the right complexion
For the ruse
The morbid dues
The orbit that you choose
When you’re at odds with your direction

Your beauty is the perfect vision
For the hole
Within a soul
As black as any coal
And there I burn in your derision