The cards were never certain Nor the price of sacrifice When by exchanging bits of life In hopes of finding newer versions We see enemies in this negotiation The gold that we exchange For only blinks of what we think Are merely drops of any drink From a solution growing strange Within the tainted cup [...]



When did life Become a rusted knife A world so negatively rife That tries to cut away what's best in us? When did I Become another lie The voice atop a visage shy And every failing seems like just enough? When did we Become a tearful plea For closeness to become a sea That silences [...]


Remember us as paragons When all the days we share have gone Awry, and leave us staring long With visages, now wary, drawn, And tired from the cares upon Our shoulders that we carried long Recall that we were something real When dead we are, from wounds surreal And injuries we thought would heal But [...]


I asked, "Now, do you see them - So detached, the fallen leaves when, Lacking catching hands, are free, then, To, at last, be as the eve and Enter this - their mausoleum?" I said, "We oft reflect them Spiraling in soft dejection Silent, falling introspection Adding selves to the collection To decay like an [...]


Some wars are just battles Some battles are wars Some wins are just losses That hide behind scores Some lies are dishonest Some honesty lies Some truths are excuses That cover our eyes Some people are villains Some villains are friends Some friends are the wounds Even time cannot mend Some words are just reasons [...]


Your actions convey You're running away Meanwhile, your lips remain still I try to inquire My only desire Is hearing you say how you feel I don't understand I offer a hand You push it away and retreat I ask for answer You treat me like cancer With words that are never concrete I follow [...]