The pencils are sharpened
The pen full of ink
The paper, pristine
Til it’s bleeding and darkened
By words in between
What I say and I think

The phrases are numbing
The sentences blur
The comments are cold
Like the thing I’m becoming
For trying to hold
To a fading allure

The words are depleting
The meaning is thin
The things that I wrote
Now I struggle deleting
Or even demote
Where they cut through the skin

The message is fading
The paper in shreds
The well is now dry
And I’m no longer waiting
For stars in the sky
To put light where the darkness has led


It gnaws at me, the question
For you answer in suggestions
And my feet are a cliff – but should I leap?

I think to that November
Wondering if you remember
What we said before you left to go to sleep

For all the hesitation
And the stinging resignation
There is but a single question stirring deep

Forsaking any closure
If we had to do it over
Are there any parts of me you’d want to keep?