Tell me what altered the view that you beautifully had In this world, that I seem to recall, I was loath to regale? What was given or taken or broken that made you so sad? Tell me, how did your wonderful heart become suddenly pale? Dark are the words of the cynic I wear on [...]



Little turtle, Once again you've hidden in your shell Retreat, your favorite option I admit, you do it well Little turtle, Why, when facing such a simple choice Of having nerve, and using words You always lose your voice? Little turtle, There you are, obsessed with your defense When none was ever needed then And [...]


What if there's a world that isn't here And in it, from my life, you opted not to disappear Where every given message was a moment giving cheer And nightly we still both profess, "I wish that you were here" What if there's a morning yet to come And in it were the words, "I [...]