If my nose were missing Would you treat me as if I Were just a snake forever hissing Just a pest that needs to die? ...Or would you so embrace The imperfections of my face And all the flaws I can't erase And see instead, the parts that cannot be replaced? If my hands were [...]



Beyond the sorrow strewn Like pebbles on a path of poison Stretching out and ever on as if a melancholic tune Beset with lamposts made of noise when All the light of day allowed is what's reflected by the moon Were echoes made of you A tide of soft reverberations Building towers of elan above [...]


Have you seen the part of me That sang the songs of you I saw him last Head up his ass Strumming on a harp for thee Proclaiming love was true Surely now he's dead and gone His fervor always thin For he is meek And he is weak Forever going on and on About [...]


Is it sad how much of you I no longer remember? Or is it a reprieve forgetting May when it's November? It means not being mired in the season that has fled But what it leaves is focus on a world that's growing dead I don't know if I'm happy that I can't recall your [...]