The cards were never certain Nor the price of sacrifice When by exchanging bits of life In hopes of finding newer versions We see enemies in this negotiation The gold that we exchange For only blinks of what we think Are merely drops of any drink From a solution growing strange Within the tainted cup [...]



When did life Become a rusted knife A world so negatively rife That tries to cut away what's best in us? When did I Become another lie The voice atop a visage shy And every failing seems like just enough? When did we Become a tearful plea For closeness to become a sea That silences [...]


With curtains pulled aside To let the sun, as if a stranger, stride Through rooms ensorcelled oft By words of once upon a time Wherein a crystal heart was held aloft Did light going pouring in To touch a countenance of paling skin That wished to pull away And rush behind the veil again Where [...]


Let me tell you of a girl who long ago I knew Who had a smile like the sun And anywhere she wandered, flowers grew Her eyes were deep as galaxies, where stars forever spun Her every word was like a kiss I hoped with all my heart was never done Her heart was like [...]


When once upon a time Was not a time ago that seemed so very long ...And futures moving forward seemed so kind... How long ago was that to when the swan did sing its song And lead us to the current bind that we belong? With sonnets spilled as wine And words of mine upon [...]


I merely wish to sleep A dreamless sleep where time is still Within a dark so deep That seven suns would fail to fill I hope to simply be Within the void where nothing stirs Where all the parts of me Are little more echoes left to blur If only I could wake And see [...]


Tell me, how much effort will you spend Ensuring that you never choose to send A message, knowing well it would append The feeling that you know I hold inside Like a corrosive tide Tell me, is it hatred, pain, or pride? Tell me, now, how many days you'll lose Beholden to the path you [...]