She was fire
Or a spark
Or just Prometheus

I was dire
I was dark
And I was weak to this

I saw an answer to a prayer
Where I’d believed for all my life that none was there
And felt a warmth that laid my feelings bare
Where for so long I’d lost the will to care

She was faithful
She was real
Or just a reverie

I was wasteful
And concealed
The wounds that severed me

I saw a candle in the clouds
Where I’d believed that light could never be allowed
And felt the warmth of it beneath the shroud
Where long I hid with head forever bowed

She was clever
She was kind
She offered sympathy

She was never
Really mine
I hide her name
In little rhymes
Her fleeting presence in my life –
It was a gift to me



Tell me how to let you go
Just don’t ask me to do it
Tell me where the exit lies
But know I’m terrified of walking through it
So I beg you, please don’t ask me to pursue it

Tell me how I shouldn’t feel
Just know I can’t agree to
Tell me how you’re gone for good
But know that in my heart I’ve yet to leave you
So I beg you, please don’t tell me that I need to

Tell me you’re not coming back
It won’t mean that I’m leaving
Tell me that I’m dead to you
But know that I’ll just wait for you while grieving
So I beg you, please don’t make me stop believing

Tell me that you never cared
Or wish I’d never met you
Tell me there was nothing there
But know that, till the end, I don’t regret you
So I beg you, please don’t ask me to forget you


Tell me what altered the view that you beautifully had
In this world, that I seem to recall, I was loath to regale?
What was given or taken or broken that made you so sad?
Tell me, how did your wonderful heart become suddenly pale?

Dark are the words of the cynic I wear on my skin
And yet I entreat you to see what has never been lost
As I fear that you think that an ending must surely begin
I beg you to see not a chasm, but bridges across

Here, as I cling to the shadows and stay out of view
I mourn at the thought of your heart in depths of despair
Ever burdened by loss or the demons you fight to subdue
So I hold to the notion that nothing is beyond repair

Tell me the words and I’ll say them forever again
That the grace of your smile is more than the stars in the night
I’d discard every moniker held and relinquish my pen
If it meant you could see me as anything more than a blight


I gave to you a name – it was “the one”
In every dream I had, you were enveloped by the sun
Your pulse was like a drum
The finish line to which I run
And still my mind is like a top, forever spun

I thought I knew the way to set you free
But I was Orpheus, and you, my dear, Eurydice
And though I tried to plea
And hold you momentarily
I chose to focus on the locks and not the key

I gave to you a heart – it wasn’t well
I’d wrapped it up gossamer, and hid it in a well
It grew so very pale
And soon was fragile as a shell
And yet I offered it to you – to no avail

I thought you were the way out of the maze
But just as Melpomene, music turned into malaise
And though my spirit frays
Beneath the darkest of our days
Within the labyrinth of your light, my spirit stays


I tried to write a poem for you on a single feather
Wasn’t long and I was running out of space
And so I grabbed another, but there’s no amount of letters
That, compared to you in person, could be more than just a trace

Another feather taken, but my pen was running empty
So a pack of seven dozen I procured
But they were insufficient when explaining how you gently
Took my hand and tried to lead me from the darkness I endured

Soon I had a million words upon a thousand feathers
Even then, I knew it wasn’t good enough
For putting you in words – it was to try to paint the weather
Or to photograph eternity or make an angel blush

Finally out of ink and out of feathers I retired
Not because I thought I had no other words
I stopped because the feathers, wearing words of such desire
Grew a heart, and sang a song, and flew away into the heavens like a bird


The measurement of time
I try to put it into rhyme
As much as what it meant
I try to put to sleep

Commensuration folds
As surely as the hand that holds
And though I still lament
I now refuse to weep

The measurement of wants
Becomes a count of merely once
Because I know intent,
It simply doesn’t keep

And yet I still remain
Without catharsis and in vain
Upon my heart a dent
That makes it hard to sleep

The measurement of me
I wonder, how much do you see
How much is confident
Compared to what is weak?

And how much do I dare
Believe I can and truly share
When if I do repent
It doesn’t mean you’ll speak

But maybe that’s the price
Of knowing that I don’t suffice
And when away you went
I tried to turn my cheek

On measurements required
For the heart that I desired
But when love is spent
What heaven can I seek?


I dug into the snow with cracking skin
And fingers red
I wouldn’t listen
They insisted
You were gone or you were dead

And pulling nothing forth of any worth
Or any dread
I’ve chosen you
And chosen to
See evidence in every shred

In tiny grains of sand and little stones
And frozen flakes
They told me, “No…
Just let it go…”
But you’re the dream I won’t forsake

I dug into the earth until it bled
And I beheld
A shred of truth
Idyllic proof
That in my arms you would be held

And pulling everything of any price
And any worth
I’ve chosen you
My chosen view
For any life bereft of you would be a curse