Tell me what altered the view that you beautifully had In this world, that I seem to recall, I was loath to regale? What was given or taken or broken that made you so sad? Tell me, how did your wonderful heart become suddenly pale? Dark are the words of the cynic I wear on [...]



I gave to you a name - it was "the one" In every dream I had, you were enveloped by the sun Your pulse was like a drum The finish line to which I run And still my mind is like a top, forever spun I thought I knew the way to set you free [...]


I tried to write a poem for you on a single feather Wasn't long and I was running out of space And so I grabbed another, but there's no amount of letters That, compared to you in person, could be more than just a trace Another feather taken, but my pen was running empty So [...]


The measurement of time I try to put it into rhyme As much as what it meant I try to put to sleep Commensuration folds As surely as the hand that holds And though I still lament I now refuse to weep The measurement of wants Becomes a count of merely once Because I know [...]


I dug into the snow with cracking skin And fingers red I wouldn't listen They insisted You were gone or you were dead And pulling nothing forth of any worth Or any dread I've chosen you And chosen to See evidence in every shred In tiny grains of sand and little stones And frozen flakes [...]


For you were banners streaming in the sky A chorus made of fairies in the dreams where lovers lie And felt, did I, your presence like a pulse But silently enamored, from my breath, my words avulse For you were summer nights in late July A countenance that captured, and I never could deny And [...]


Dawn it was the day she left With clouds and apparitions in her eyes Shadows like an evening gown And hope, a rose upon her chest To worlds beyond the one she'd known And longed to leave but feared to say goodbye Days were but a flurry cast And seasons but a flicker in the [...]